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Effective Recruitment Strategies

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Mike Palumbo
by Mike Palumbo in Recruiter Training
December 29, 2017 0 comments

What are the effective recruitment strategies for your independent recruiting firm? Well, for one thing, we are in a very high burn out business. It just is…

So, what I always recommend is to get away for a few hours, kick the can, ride a bike, hike, take your boat out, whatever makes you happy and relaxed. This is where you can clean your mind of everything, recharge your batteries and come back to work with new fresh ideas.

If you don’t have a “happy place” you need to find one quickly!

Also, an effective recruitment strategy is to become a retainer deposit recruiting firm and if you’re not a deposit firm, I want to help you get there! Faster! Quicker! and easily!

If you want to get out of the rat race of contingency recruiting but don’t have any idea how to present deposits to companies, get my FREE 7 proven steps to quick recruiting for free and start charging deposits for your recruiting!

I look forward to strategizing with you soon!

Mike Palumbo

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