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Recruiting Ideas for Leads

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Mike Palumbo
by Mike Palumbo in Recruiter Training
January 14, 2018 0 comments

One of the most important things you can do if your an independent recruiter is to constantly bring leads into your firm. If you’re a small (one man band) or a large firm. You must continually bring in more leads.

If you’re looking for the best lead generating ideas for your firm go to:

You have to stay in contact with companies you placed people at least (Min) every three months. I would stay in contact a lot more frequently.

Ask these companies if they have any additional needs you can help them with and then ask about different departments, divisions, offices, etc. If you don’t ask about those additional areas, you won’t get any additional needs.

I like to contact companies I’ve worked with (placed candidates), candidates (that I placed) and candidates that didn’t get the job but interviewed with one of my clients. Why? Because all of these types of calls are “warm” calls not “cold” calls.

If you need help generating leads to your recruiting business the best is through the search engines. If your recruiting firm isn’t ranking in the search engines you are missing out on incoming calls from companies. Why? Because you’re not there when they are looking. You must come up in the search engines when a company is looking for a recruiting firm with your type of experience.

I can teach you how to generate leads using the search engines. Go to this link for help:

Look forward to strategizing with you soon!

Mike Palumbo

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